Pakistani Food Recipes |The best Traditional Pakistani Dishes

8 min read

Here we will talk about Pakistani food.
Hearing rice pudding and that too Pakistani makes the mouth water.
Apple jam
Carrot jam
Besan curry
Minced peas
Mango pickle
Raw Mango Chutney
Mango shake
Fish kofta

Online income

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing | and How Does it Work?

5 min read

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing explained with examples.
different types of digital marketing
Why is digital marketing important?
benefits of working with Sales & Marketing
How to start digital marketing,
How to start an online marketing business

Health and fitness Guide Physical maintenance

Health care and fitness | How to stay fit forever

10 min read

What is good health?
step up.
take a healthy diet.
Drink plenty of safe water
We should take supplements as needed.
Add some fruit and salad to your morning breakfast.
We have to change our lifestyle.
We have to protect ourselves from mosquito bites.
We should review our diet.
We must follow the traffic rules.
I must keep my hands perfectly clean.
We have to sleep.


What is Consumer Goods? |Definition, 4 Types, Examples, Categories and Benefits

6 min read

What Are Consumer Goods? | What are These, Types, Examples, and Benefits
Consumer goods have four types:
It has three categories:
Consumer goods in the future:
The Changing World of Consumer Electronics:
Keeping Up with Today’s Consumer Demands Introduction: