Pakistani Food Recipes |The best Traditional Pakistani Dishes

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Here we will talk about Pakistani food.

Pakistani Food

Pakistani Food

It is famous all over the world, and people all over the world love it, and Pakistani people eat it very much. Pakistani food is spicy and delicious. Whoever comes to Pakistan eats Pakistani food and then licks his fingers. Pakistani food can be prepared in a very short time and has great taste. There are very simple and easy recipes for making Pakistani food. On this page, you will find very good recipes for Pakistani food, which is going to be a very tasty meal in a very short time. Let us bring you to the recipes.

1: Fish kofta

Today we will teach you how to make fish koftas in a very simple way.

The ingredients you will need are as follows.
Fish half kg
Basin tcheatingang
an egg
Cayenne pepper to taste.
Grind cumin to taste.
Ground hot spices, one teaspoon
A teaspoon of crushed garlic
Add half the curd.
A teaspoon of ground coriander
Salt, turmeric, and ghee to taste.

How do I make this recipe?

First, remove the skins from the fish, then wash the fish well and remove the bones, grind the fish after removing the fork, and then grind the spices finely. Add the remaining curd and spices to the onions and fry further. When the masala is fried, keep the broth as per taste and add the koftas to it. After cooking for a while, switch off the stove. We have prepared delicious koftas. Now you can serve the food.

2:Hearing rice pudding and that too Pakistani makes the mouth water.

        Rice pudding

Milk two kg
Rice, half a pound
Sugar, one kilo
Raisins, a pau
And a few cardamom seeds

How to make rice pudding

Clean the rice first, and then wash it. Dry the rice. Grind the rice and then boil it with a little water. When rice boils, add milk, and continue cooking rice with milk. Let the rice cook well while stirring the spoon. When the milk starts to thicken, add sugar to it. Now sip it more thoroughly. Now add the cleaned raisins to it. Now ready to serve.
You can add fruits and dry fruits of your choice.

3:Pakistani Food( Haleem)

The recipe for making Haleem.
Meat two kilos
half kilos of wheat,
half a kilo of white gram,
one part of rice,
All pulses ۔Each dal should be one and a half chatanka.
Ghee three pao
curd one pao
ginger powder
A bunch of onion, a bunch of garlic

And salt, black pepper, turmeric, coriander, and garam masala to taste.

Wash wheat, gram, rice, and all pulses and then dry them. Grind them to a fine paste. The grind is not very fine, let it be a little coarse. Add half of the ginger, garlic, and water to the meat and prepare the yakhni. And separate the meat. Fry half the onion in ghee. And add ginger and garlic to them. Add curd and tomatoes too. And then add yakhni and pulses etc. Cook them. Okay fine. When they are well cooked and combined, sip. Brown the rest of the onion in ghee and add it to the haleem.

Pakistani food (Apple jam)

Ingredients: –
Apples: One kg
Sugar… one kilo
Prescription: –
     Peel and clean the apple well and soak it in water for an hour. Take them out of the water, wash them well with clean water, and boil them lightly. Be careful not to let the apples go soft or the jam will spoil. Prepare sugar syrup by whipping it well with the same fork add apples to it and boil it for a couple of minutes.
           Now the jam is ready.

Carrot jam

Ingredients: –
Carrot – two kg
Sugar. Two kilos
Cardamom – two or four seeds

Prescription: –

Peel and core the carrot and then cut it into bite-sized pieces. Put these carrot pieces in sugar and keep them overnight. By morning, there will be a lot of water left in the carrot. If the water is less, add two to four cups of water add cardamom seeds, and keep it on the stove for two to three hours. Allow to cook so that the carrots are cooked.
Delicious carrot halwa is ready.

Besan curry


gram flour(Besan)
Onion… half a foot
Oil for frying
  And salt, pepper, hot spices, etc.

Recipe: –

Take some water in which Besan(gram flour) can be dissolved, add salt, pepper, and hot spices to the same water, and keep it on the stove to heat. Till the water starts to boil. Now filter the Besan(gram flour). Now put some Besan(gram flour) in boiling water. Add it little by little. There can be no harm in moving the spoon.
When the Besan becomes hard, spread it on a greased plate. And keep it cool. When it cools, cut it into pieces and fry it like fritters. When it turns a light almond color, take it out.
Finely grind onion and garlic and fry them in ghee, add salt and pepper to them and when they are fried well, add the fried pieces of Besan.


ingredients: –
Fish – one kg
Half a cup of ghee
Ginger, garlic. Two spoons crushed.
Tomatoes – half a kilo
Salt to taste
Red chilies – one spoon

Recipe: –

Wash and clean the fish and cut it into pieces, add garlic and salt to it. Heat ghee in a pot and fry the chopped onions till they turn almond color. After that add fish pieces and fry lightly. Now add tomato pieces, tomato water will make the fish rot, Now fry it well, don’t fry it too much, otherwise, the fish and tomato will get mixed with ghee and the shape of the curry will be spoiled. Delicious fish is ready.

Minced peas

ingredients: –

Qeemah Half a kilo
Peas A paw
Ghee According to taste
Onion According to taste
A small piece of ginger
Garlic Eight cloves
Tomato – half a foot
Salt, pepper, turmeric, and hot spices

Recipe: –

Wash the mince and put it in a pot. Add onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, and other spices to it. Add a little water to dissolve the mince. When the water dries up, add a little ghee, after roasting, add the peas as well, now fry both the mince and the peas. After roasting well, add enough water to dissolve the peas. When it melts, take it out. Delicious keema is ready.


ingredients: –

Rice. One kilo
Ghee – one and a half foot
Sugar. Three paws
Food coloring, as desired
dry fruits, etc.

Recipe: –

Wash and soak the rice. Put two to three kilos of water in the dekchi and put rice in it. When the rice is boiled, separate it from the water. In another dekchi, add ghee and sugar to prepare the sugar syrup. When the syrup is ready, put it inside. Add rice and also add dry fruits, when rice leaves ghee, add food color. The yummy yolk is ready.

Mango pickle

Ingredients: –

Mango – one kg
Oil. Three feet
Kalonji. One and a half six
Maithre. One and a half six
Fennel. One and a half teaspoons
Turmeric, salt, and pepper to taste.
Onion and garlic. According to taste

Recipe: –

Wash the mangoes without peeling them, then cut them into two or at most four pieces remove the pits, and then put salt and turmeric on the mangoes and keep them for a night. The next day, enough water will have drained, so throw away this water. Clean the mangoes and add fennel kalonji and Mithra to them. Grind garlic and add it. Cut small pieces of onion and add it too. Add salt, pepper, and oil, and keep it in the sun for a week. You can also add green chilies and lemon to it if you want, and you can also add carrots.

Raw Mango Chutney

Ingredients: –

Mango (raw). Half a piece
Sugar to taste.
Black pepper A pinch
Salt, and pepper to taste.

Recipe: –

Soak the raw mangoes in water for a few hours, then remove the pits and put the remaining contents in a pot to boil. Add salt, pepper, ground black pepper, and sugar as per your preference. When thick If done, take it off.

Mango shake

Ingredients: –

Mango. Half a kilo
Milk. 2 kg
Sugar to taste.

Recipe: –

Peel the mangoes cut them and separate the pits. Add mango milk and sugar to taste in a blender and mix. Mix for at least five minutes. Add some ice if needed.
Delicious mango shake is ready.

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