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women’s rights

We can say that women’s rights are human rights and we all have the right to live a free life as we are entitled to human rights. Owning property and being educated are many other rights that women and girls are still deprived of. Despite the huge progress in achieving their rights at the global level, women and girls are still deprived of their dignity, equality, and autonomy, and we also see that millions of women and girls in the world are still deprived of their lives. faces violence. Although there has been great progress in the international women’s rights movement, there are still many girls who are still married off as children.

Furthermore, girls trafficked into sexual slavery are denied access to political participation. In addition, girls are not given access to deep personal choices in their private lives. And while women’s rights movements have also campaigned to change laws to address this inequality, we can say that much has been fought and so have movements in the digital age.
Similarly, MNST International also pressures those in power to respect women’s rights.

A social movement, reformers, and revolution

After World War II, home automation eased the burden of building a home. Thus, life expectancy increased dramatically and the lives of women in developed countries changed dramatically. The service sector also grew and opened up many jobs that were not dependent on physical strength.

Thus economic and social changes occurred despite all these changes, legal precedents, and cultural attitudes reinforced inequality. Published in 1949, Le Dieu Kissem Sex was a stark account of the repressive effects of prevailing notions of femininity. Thus the Second Sex, by the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, was a worldwide bestseller and emphasized that the freedom of the three is freedom for men as well.

What are the rights?

Women's rights

Women’s rights are human rights and we all have the right to live a free life as we are entitled to human rights.

Whatever the universal declarations of human rights are, every woman knows her rights and we want to get those rights that are necessary for women’s equality. And we stand for the rights of a woman not to die during pregnancy or childbirth. That is, high-quality health care is essential. Every woman should have sexual rights. Women also have the right to decide when, where, and whom they marry, and if and when they want to have children, when, how many, and with whom, A woman is also entitled to equal access. A woman should be able to live without fear of sexual violence.

But the biggest problem includes forced pregnancy, forced abortion, forced marriage, and forced sterilization. But there is a long way to go until women get their full rights. Because there are still many women in the world who are not getting full access to these rights, people risk their lives or go to jail for people who want or need to terminate a pregnancy.

One document is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination and the other document is the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. More strongly, they will close all ties that limit their liberties and are associated with a system of oppressive male patronage and women who leave the home without permission or engage in extramarital sex. It establishes that such women will be detained and subjected to virginity tests.

Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement is the freedom that we can move freely not only within the country in which we live but also in other countries. But whenever women think of moving around freely, they face many challenges as sometimes they are not allowed to have a passport or a male permission to travel. It has to be taken.
If we look at an example in Saudi Arabia, women were banned from driving for decades but there was a campaign to allow women to go and it was successful. The campaign was successful but the authorities tortured and detained many activists who were working for women’s rights just for advocating for women’s rights.

How women’s rights are being violated

The main causes of violation of women’s rights include discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, harassment and sexual violence, workplace discrimination, and gender-based violence.

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